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May 7th, 2015

Business Spotlight: Krüst Bakery

As a profile business for this month’s National Enterprise Week, Krüst Bakery is no stranger to the opportunities and resources available for startup companies in Ireland.

Krüst Bakery co-founders, Garret Flower and Robert Kramer, met in Dublin Business School, where they soon realised their dreams of opening a business together. What started out as small operation selling flavoured mini pastries to cafes around Dublin, eventually grew into Garret and Rob setting up their own bakeries and coffee shops in Dublin City Centre.

Now, with two retail locations and 12 employees, the startup is on a mission to put its infamous ‘Cronut’ on the map in Ireland, which is quickly becoming a reality as Krüst Bakery has already made a name for itself as the world’s first ‘Smart Bakery’. We reached out to Krüst Bakery’s own, Garret Flower, to gain more insight into his business.

Do you have a business philosophy? 

Find successful people and soak up as much knowledge as you can. Never be afraid of failure, always go for it. No regrets.

What products of yours can customers find in wholesale retail outlets?

We supply supermarkets, retail chains and foodservice distributors with an in-demand range of specialty breads, pastries and donuts.

Can you describe what it means to be a ‘smart’ bakery?

A smart bakery is a bakery connected to the internet; everything we do is online and embracing the newest technology, which saves time, money and is just a more efficient way of business.

You offer Bitcoin as a payment option. What is Bitcoin and has it been well received by customers?

Bitcoin, known as ‘cash for the internet’ is a completely digital-based currency. Bitcoin has been received very well by our customers. Usually, interactions range from curious customers asking questions to tourists travelling to trade bitcoins for our tasty Cronuts!

As a believer in ‘tech hospitality’, what other digital technologies do you see as opportunities for growing your business?

We are exploring many other tech opportunities to increase customer comfort and the speed of our business, everything from Delivery Drones to Fingerprint payment. We are also launching our very own ‘Krüst Space Programme’ where we are attempting to launch the very first Cronut in space!

What advice do you have for other small businesses looking to implement newer technologies into their service offering?

Small businesses should embrace new technology to cut costs and improve efficiency. We have literally saved thousands per year by implementing time saving software.

Krüst has a strong social media presence. How do you utilise each different site to engage with your customers?

We use Twitter to connect with journalists and bloggers during events, Instagram for showcasing our beautiful product range and Facebook for updating our fans on milestones in the company.

Are there any other expansions for Krüst in the works?

We are trying to build a solid sustainable business. This latest expansion has been a huge learning curve for us, and we are currently trying to cement our internal operating processes with a goal to open 3 more shops by January 2016.

When expanding your business operations, what resources were available to you?

Bank of Ireland has been very helpful to us as a startup smart business. We have received mentoring, financing, marketing opportunities and use of their exceptional Enterprise Lounge for important meetings on Grafton Street.

Will National Enterprise Week provide you with an even greater platform to share your business and your story?

It will allow another opportunity for our business to attract potential customers to come taste our delicious baked goods and realise why Krüst Bakery is the most talked about bakery brand in Ireland!

You can find more information on Krüst Bakery by visiting their website or liking them on Facebook

Are you an Irish SME? Connect with other entrepreneurs and business experts at National Enterprise Week, with events taking place nationwide from the 13th – 20th November, 2015, register here.


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