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7th November 2014

Closr-Connecting People with Shared Experiences



In 2014, Bank of Ireland kicked off its National Accelerator Programme to help startups in the early stages of development. The programme provides mentorship, seed funding and a hothouse work environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. Cork based startup Closr is driven by Andrew Hobbs and Robin Deegan, who, after months of hard development and user testing, are now on the Bank of Ireland Accelerator Programme, and will shortly be releasing their flagship mobile app for beta testing. 

The app uses geo-location, big data and cloud services to allow people to get more from their experiences. People can tap into a ‘cloud network’, using the app to share photos and experiences with people at an event, such as a music concert or festival.

Closr aim to allow crowds share experiences, for example, at concerts, by sharing access to photos taken by users all over the event venue. Users can also share photos from a unique vantage point and share them instantaneously with media outlets. They believe the latter creates an incredible income stream potential.


Andrew Hobbs (left) and Robin Deegan (right)

Andrew has worked at British Sky Broadcasting in the Mobile Development Area in London and has been part of the Ignite Programme to offer a professional environment for graduates to nurture innovative ideas and accelerate business start-ups. Through this, Andrew started to develop his business called "Muuves". He has also worked for Fidelity Investments in Merrimack New Hampshire in Health and Welfare, and for Premier Source in San Mateo California as a Low Levels Operations Technical intern. He has a First Class Honours Degree in Business Information Systems and a First Class Honours Master’s Degree in Computing Science from University College Cork.

Robin is a PhD student at SIGMA machine intelligence research group at CIT, with a focus on genetic algorithms. He has an MSc by research in Mobile Usability. He has several publications in the field of mobile HCI and has worked at Nimbus research centre as a UX consultant to startups. His previous start-ups include: a band rehearsal space, an online music magazine and web consultancy. The conclusion of this self-funded research was to develop a world-wide mobile learning system that could adapt to users’ cognitive states and change the content of complex applications. To better understand this he began his PhD studies in machine learning.

Closr applied to Bank of Ireland’s Accelerator programme focus on the areas of marketing and sales, and to help gain some traction for the business. They say, ‘we want to continue to develop this network and derive value from it for our users. 'It’s a completely new paradigm of sharing, allowing strangers to help each other share relevant experiences through the medium of photos and social media.’ They have recently received an Enterprise Ireland HPSU feasibility grant to the value of 30k, which is practically unheard off for a startup company only a few months old.

Find out more about Closr on their website here.

Bank of Ireland’s Accelerator Programme kicked off in September at Penrose Wharf, Co. Cork. Watch highlights of the launch and interviews with some of the startups on the programme here.



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