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21st November 2014

Over-C: Connecting You with Your Workforce in Real-Time



Bank of Ireland’s National Accelerator Programme is designed to help startups in the early stages of development get to the next level. The programme provides mentorship, seed funding and a hothouse work environment with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Over-C is an easy-to-use management tool designed to improve mobile and field-based business processes and remote workforce operations. It will turn any mobile phone or tablet device into a powerful productivity, compliance and audit tool. Simple, tested technology is used, such as Near Field Communication and iBeacons streamline to automate the way employees communicate from the field.

Over-C enables companies:

-Reduce errors and time spent on manual reporting.

-Improve safety for employees working remotely in the field.

-Receive secure and accurate information to and from staff in the field.

-Automate registration of completed tasks and site checks.

-Implement risk management across the entire service delivery process.

-Implement real-time accountability and operational compliance.


The CEO, Michael Elliott, is a proven entrepreneur with many years’ experience in the security industry. As the founder of Akita Security, Michael grew the firm from inception to a multi-million pound business before selling to Carlisle Group Plc.

He is the driving force behind the business and is recognised as a leader in Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple’s new iBeacons for the transfer of data in real-time between mobile devices.

To date, Michael has advised the Metropolitan Police Marine Unit in tracking technologies which led to Over-C being deployed for the Olympics and Paralympics games; he has also installed Over-C in Africa and Ireland for G4S and in Scotland for First Group.

Greg is responsible for Over-C's technical and product direction and manages the teams that defines, builds, tests and operates the company's family of highly scalable SaaS products. With more than 27 years in software development and management, Greg brings experience from a wide range of domains including scientific computing, financial systems, web infrastructure, commerce, and mobile media.


Read about the full team on their website here.

‘The creation of the technology involved a lot of engineering work but it means that unlike our competitors we know exactly how the airtime provider are performing 24/7. The amount of time saved from manual diagnostics is reduced from hours to seconds, ‘says Michael.

Michael and Greg are taking part in The Bank of Ireland Accelerator Programme to get an insight into market strategies and to scrutinise their revenue model. They say they have no doubt that what their business plan says today will subtly change within the next three months for the better. 


Over-C is currently on The Bank of Ireland Accelerator Programme 2014 which kicked off in September at Penrose Wharf, Co. Cork. You can watch highlights of the launch and interviews with some of the startups on the programme here.




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